Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Haath choote bhi to rishtey nahin chhoda karte ..

Haath choote bhi to rishtey nahin chhoda karte,
Waqt ki shakh se lamhe nahin toda karte.

Jis ki awaaz mein silwat ho, nigahon mein shikan,
Aisee tasveer ke tukade nahin joda karte.

Shahad jeene ka mila karta hai thoda-thoda,
Jaane waalon ke liye dil nahin toda karte.

Lag ke saahil se jo behta hai, use bahne do,
Aisee dariya ka kabhi rukh nahin moda karte.

This is yet another beautiful song from the album "Marasim", composed by Gulzar and sung by Jagjit Singh. The word Marasim means relationship and Gulzar has indeed been very good in his lyrics to capture the beauty of the pain of unsuccessful relations. Jagjit Singh has been criticized by a few due to his repetitive and monotonous style, but even then he is able to have an impact.

This is probably the only song in the album with a positive angle, suggesting one to forget the unsuccessful relations which can provide nothing but sorrow. One should try to forget the past and look forward towards a better future.


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bahut aacha .........

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