Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Badee sunee sunee hai....

Badee sunee sunee hai, jindagee ye jindagee
Mai khood se hoo yahaa ajanabee, ajanabee

Kabhee ek pal bhee, kaheen ye udaasee dil meraa bhoole
Tabhee muskuraakar, dabe paawn aa kar, dukh mujhe chhoole

Na kar mujh se gam mere, dillagee ye dillagee

Kabhi main na soyaa, kaheen mujh se khoyaa sukh mera aise,
Pataa naam likh kar kahee yoon hee rakh kar, bhoole koi jaise

Ajab dukh bharee hain ye, bebasee ye bebasee

This is one of the beutiful songs of the film Mili. In the film, Mili (Jaya Bachhan) suffers from leukemia but still lives a lively life. On the other hand Amitabh Bachhan is well-off but had a few cruel incidences in his private life, and is unable to get out of depression. Mili teaches Amitabh to forget the pains and to welcome each new day with hope and light.

Mili is in bed at night, when she hears Amitabh singing the song. She is moved by the pain in Amitabh's voice. Amitabh is living a lonely life with nobody to really look forward to share his emotions with, and the song is very apt in reflecting his state of mind. In the song he shows how he is suffering from chronic sorrow, and how he feels himself unable to forget the past. A masterpiece in itself.


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